Saturday, January 19, 2008

Trend of the Day: Girl Meets Boy

Designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Neil Barret, and Nina Ricci have incorporated menswear pieces into their 2008 spring lines. The studded leather and rock and roll jackets give a rebellious yet chic feel to the outfits. The look can bring out a sexy sophistication for the day time and release the rock star within at night. I'm not sure personally how i would feel about wearing this trend but on the right girl it could potentially be epic.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trend of the Day: Scarfs!

Big, small, skinny, fat, fuzzy, plain, color, solid, patterened i can help but love scarfs! Today it was in the 60's with some wind so with my boot and dress i was freezing until i broke out my scarf!!! This year ive noticed in school finally gilrs have sotpped wearing their uniform burbery scarfs and have opted for the wrap around kind that has no end! Personally I'm a fan of the ones with the cute little animals on it haha im such a five year old! anyways check out this cute one from urbanoutfitters.

Celebrity Spotlight: Mel C (sporty spice)

In the 90's most of us looked up to emma aka babyspice when it came to the spice girls. I used to dream of wearing the 6 inch pink sparkly platform boots she rocked but hardly did i ever look at sporty spice and say "ahh i wish i could wear those cool button rip off addidas pants" Even so, recently ive been notcing everytime i see a new photo of the band i always jump to her to see what shes wearing. Her eclectic style is more new york than london but w/e she fab and i cant wait till febuaryyyyyy when they come to new york for their concert!!! <333

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's Inspiration: Purple!

Being failrly pale one color that i can always rely on is purple. Also looling stunning on the darker skintones purple gives that mysterious feeling black comes with buit adds the spark of a color giving charm and wit with a litte sophistication to your look. Pair purple with anything, with over 100 hues and shades purple can fit for any occasion and is never innapropraite for any season. What can i say LOVE LOVE LOVE purple! <33

From top left (everything is from :
Ella Moss -Patridge Sweater Dress $229

Jill Stuart-Johanna Dress $628

Jill Stuart Shoes-Angela Patent Pump $328

Geren Ford-Funnel Neck Jacket $295

Rory Beca-Jeweled Short Sleeve Dress $352

Rebecca Minkoff-Exclusive Matinee Bag $625

Simone-Riley Jumper $410

Rebecca Taylor-Cashmere Cocoon Sleeve Mini Dress $350

Sweetface-Pouch Pocket Short Sleeve Top $198

Daily Trend: Bustier Dresses

Looking through my closet yesterday and i realized i have about 3 last season ok winter dresses and about 15 winter time party invites! As always i logged on to and found all sorts of sily bustier dresses. They are so fashion foward and inccoperate several trends but are also original and chic. Here is one of my favorite that i ordered for a 18th bday party!

Chica of the Week: Chloe! (different chloe not myself haha)

name: chloe

age: 13

How would you describe your style? I like to think of it as inspirational, but I TAKE from things that inspire me. Ha, I like to be fresh, and new, but still have a look that is me.

Would you say your obcessed with fashion? Yes. Its semi horrible how much I am obsessed. I read vogue's in the middle of the night, I spend at least 30 minutes just picking and choosing what to wear. Its surreal!

How important is experimentation when it comes to
style? Oh, its everything. If you don't try something new, how on earth do you have an ORIGINAL style??!?

wanna be girl of the week?
email me!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A look for le$$: Blake Lively

Get this gossip girls city look for less!!